Thursday, November 28, 2013


Aloha Legoland! It has been long since I left Johor, miss this place so heart-fully much. This time, the youngest sis joined me [since I promised her to visit Legoland and its water park] and we did have great time. Special thanks to Ajun, for this trip. Talking about Legoland, the entrance fee, for MyKAD holder, was RM150 for an adult and we received RM10 food voucher per tix. The tix covers theme park and water park [but not the locker, the dryer etc. so bring extra cash!]. We began with the water park; splashing water, floatin with legos and went down some easy-fun slides. After two hours, we went for prayer, lunch and then we explored the theme park. The legos were mesmerizing, most attractions were built from bright colorful legos; the rabbits, dragons, dinos, cartoon characters, significant buildings, the giraffes, the Einstein and everything!They were so detailed in making those super big lego-creation and those intricate mini thingy. It was amazing! We enjoyed the scenery most of the time. As for the rides, I would say we loved Project X and splash ride at Dino Island [please bring your own poncho here, or else you have to spend RM 12 for a simple plastic poncho]. Overall, it was a new experience and I believe kids would love this place best. :D       


Fiza Chan..! said...

Nice3! next time we go together with mama, me and aby!

Luv, Adek!

chumut said...

adek. available tak around february-march? i've been thinkin bout somethin lately. interested in doraemon tak? XD