Thursday, April 26, 2018

maybe... it's not the time yet

I'm not sure whether I'm writing this, just because I wanna comfort myself or I wanna channel this heartache of mine to... some.. other point of view. When I grow older, I realize this one important thing; which is... there are certain things now that hurt me so much or I am totally against it, perhaps, when I'm movin on to another stage of life later on, I'll comprehend it, digest it and see why people do such things. I dunno, it's like... lookin at my son now... he's survivin his terrible two life; where all the right things I and my hubs said seems wrong to him. He felt like he's right and when we're trying to correct him, he'll begin his tantrum. Like me now, having this whatsoever-terasa-hati, pffft. Maybe, it's not the time yet.. someday I'll understand, and as for now... just go with flow and if I dislike that certain thing, when my time come, let's just hope that I won't do such things. Tak ske, jangan buat.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

brand conscious

U S. Love the moment when he said let us do something crazy. Empty wallet, half tank yet yeah an in need of family getaway. When I was a student, I always came across the news feed of my friends uploading pictures of meatballs here. So, I was sort of dreamin' to be here and curious why many people wanna buy things here. Indeed, ikea provides us items worth buying for its practicality but most comes for its brand. No doubt all of them are super cute and good in quality but implicitly taught us to be brand-conscious. Okay peeps, I know I'm broke here, but if coming here just to get an ikea clock or ikea shopping bag just to show you opt this brand, nonsense. But hey, it's a good place for you to do research for your home and yeah it's not wrong to just buy a clock. Just promise me, don't ever fall to this brand-conscious-price-tag circle. Shop what you need.