Wednesday, December 5, 2018

root canal treatment

Didn't I mentioned that I'm having such a great toothache too. Yeah, despite the chicken pox, my tooth wouldn't wanna miss the partayyh! I realized that I had this slight crack at my right molar and I thought it was nothing. After almost a year, currently, I felt some smelly liquid, sort off came out from that crack and my gum felt very painful, I could feel it on my cheek bone too! I went to the public clinic and they could not find any crack. Yet, I felt so uncomfortable and went to the private dental clinic which they suggested me to do x-ray. Yes! They found the crack and they right away wanted to cure me. They asked me to enter the surgery room to begin the treatment. At first I agreed, but then when I asked what are they going to do and how much it will cost me, I hesitated. RM900 for root canal treatment and I walked away, returning to the public clinic. Now, I'm 6 months away from my root canal treatment appointment. Pray for me to survive this. My advice is; when you sense any crack, meet your dentist right away and if you're seeking treatment from private clinic, clarify everything first or else some of them might do treatment halfway and this will urge you to continue it with higher cost. Well, if you're not in tight budget, it would be fine. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

chicken pox

I'm aware that this day will come, but I never imagine the boys and the daddy would strike this together! Aww.. not so sweet for the mummayh. It began from the kindergarten, where my first boy got some rashes on his back and his teacher called me to get him immediately. We straight away went to the clinic and the doctor congratulated him for the disease, huh? Perhaps, his body gonna have immunity to this virus for his whole life and I received 5 days quarantined leave to look after him. Throughout those days, he was consuming a continuous paracetamol, every 8 hours and antiviral syrups, every 5 hours. Not to forget the calamine lotion after bathing, 3 times a day. Nevertheless, I replaced the lotion with neem cream (krim semambu) which I found out it very effective to heal the rashes on his body and less messy. People said neem leaves are good especially when it is blend together with turmeric to be put on the rashes as it cures and ensures the skin spotless from scar, but I'm a lazy-mummy, so I just use the cream. Alhamdulillah, after 3 days, most of the red rashes turn to black, a sign of good healing process. To ensure his lil brother will be not affected by this, we vaccinated lil bro, and this cost us RM155. But our mistake was, we vaccinated the brother a week after big brother got this (we should have done this earlier when he was 6 months old or on day one of big brother got the virus). Thus, the virus already transferred and lil brother got infected too, two weeks later (a normal period for the virus to develop), together with beloved daddayh! The nightmare repeated and to see hubs in pain was the worst! (chicken pox in adulthood is more suffering). Restless time, but mom gonna be strong, always.