Sunday, December 1, 2013

dewi's reception

The bride and the mother-to-be were in house. A blessed day indeed; meeting teslians [I wish to meet everybody], Aizum, Zul, Atok and Praba. Congratulations to Idi and Dewi! Pray for endless love, happiness and may you guys have lots of cute babies!To other Johorean teslians [ye.. awak yang dua orang tuu], I'm waiting for your big day, then we can have a reunion again, yeay! Dewi, she's the one who always reminds me that "small does not mean invisible" and a friend who is willing to help, especially when it comes to transportation matter [we miss your JCD 6192 Dewi!!] Again, congratulations dear!


j*Lite said...

siapa la yg 'dua org' kan. so mystery! awwww~ hahahaha

insya Allah soooooon, hehehe. mohon doamu my dear miss chibi cherry strawberry (^^,)v

p/s: i miss that JCD too!! cramped mcm sardin! first kereta naik smpai 8 people SERENTAK! hahaha

chumut said...

kitalah yang sardin tu. ekekeke XD
inshaaAllah, semua tu kena bnyak doa.
miss plum pudding, next, jum jpo!