Tuesday, August 6, 2013

tunku temenggung

Salam Ramadhan! And we're two days away from Syawal. Time flies, too fast I would say as I already spent a month in my new school, SMK Tunku Temenggung, Pendang. I never visit Pendang before until I get posted here. It is just forty minutes away from home, thus, I'm really grateful to be here despite of coverage problems and those tiny green bugs from the paddy field. For this term, I'm teaching Form Four and Five, and yeah, the students out-sized me. English would be the toughest subject to be taught here as most of them get 'F' for the paper, nevertheless, they have good attitude, bak kata rakan sekerja [chewah, rakan sekerja gtu...] otak depa mungkin karat tapi at least masih ada budi bahasa; kalau ditegur masih boleh senyum and say thank you kat cikgu. For now, I enjoy teaching the students and helping the school with boards, extra classes and activities. Most of the senior teachers said; besa laa, semangat cikgu baruu.. [sambil menjeling-jeling dan berkira-kira nak bagi kerja bertimbun, hehe], whatever it is, life sometimes is about giving to others, and one of good deeds that will always be counted afterlife is beneficial knowledge shared to others, pahalanya berpanjangan inshaaAllah :D. Talking about life, now dah kena bayaq sewa rumah dan moto sendiri, cook my own meal, pi pasar tani pilih ikan sayo on my own, and dah pandai daah nak beli comforter lah sarung bantal lah. Am I getting old quicker? Ekekeke :D.


00@glasgow said...

U naek moto? Hoishhhhh :p
Anyway, goodluck teaching!

00@glasgow said...

oh ya. I know it's 10+ days late, but Happy Eid!