Sunday, January 13, 2013

dominos wannabe

Pizza for dearest youngest sistah. This is her first weekend at home after a week of hostel life. Good news, she survived well and enjoyed it. Unlike her elder sister who fainted and caught fever so easily once she was in hostel, okay that's me :P. Will share the recipe after I complete my proofreading job. Chaiyok! Q(>.<)Q


Anonymous said...

chibi!! hehehe, assalamualaikum^^

tikah masuk asrama? dia sekolah mana sekarang chibi?


chumut said...

jannah!! sekolah men. ibrahim in SP and yeah, dah dok asrama. nguuii, miss you guys la.. rindu nak mkan sama2 lagi :DD!


rumaisa said...

Okay, another "geng makan" is in the house :P

A very detailed work dayah, such patience! OvO Nice!

If it were me, I'd just toss chunks of cheese on top of the pizza just enough for the fillings to peek through tiny gaps and let the oven do it's magic (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

chumut said...

Yeay! "ketua geng makan" in da house! :DDD

Thank you. Glad "cik ketua" dropped some comments ere'. Weee! I wished I could do the same, you know, toss chunkies of cheese on top. Yet I don't eat cheese that much. Uwaa!

rumaisa said...

banyak laaa ekau "cik ketua" hahaa..

aah eh! terlupa dayah kurang makan cheese. and i remember that this miss chumut here once said, how the food is presented is very important. I can totally see that when I look at all your posts d(-_^)

chumut said...

hahak. i can't believe you still remember that. i pray that, one day, we can cook together. time tu, kita tarik jannah join kita men masak-masak skali. in shaa Allah. yeay!!! :DDD