Tuesday, July 10, 2012

train ride

First train ride was awesome. Nine hours from Kuala Lumpur to Kedah, very tiring and super cold, yet it was a great experience. The excitement, exploring coaches, eating mid night burgers but I missed to sip hot drinks from the coach. Gotta take train again then :D. It's about valuing the moment we have. 


Fiza Chan..! said...

we can fly actually , kan bat-bi?? (batman + chibi )
but, it's oke, support KTM.. ngeeee..

super-pah ^_^
(superman + jerrypah )

Cik Mas said...

nak naik train jugak!!!..heee...

chumut said...

adek: next time, you fly~!
cik mas: mai utagha laa. tak pon, kita plan krabi :D. ngee, nnti pi s'pore this september, yok!