Sunday, July 29, 2012

slow track

Praise be upon God for everything occurred in life. The result was out, it was heart-wrecked one, yet I believe the only thing I could do is to be grateful and move on. Currently, working is my passion, though the fact that many of my friends are getting fat opportunities to continue their study somehow affect me, but I guess certain individual has to follow the slow track. By the way, enough emotion because we need more strength to build the life after graduating. Honestly, I sometimes flustered with the urge of seeking jobs and I have to frequently remind myself: "hey, keep calm and things gonna be alright!". I am a kind of person who prefers to see result immediately [ibarat beli krim untuk clear jerawat, baru pakai sejam dua, terus check whether muka dah flawless ke belom, memang tak mungkin laa..], but not all things in life work that way. To think of, all great names in the world are not born with immediate success, they climb it patiently [drop school pon tetap surviving..]. They think differently. Forget mainstream, be original. :D. Now is the stage where you really need to be B O L D. Thinking on to be serious with Bananatypewriter, chaiyok! Oh, below is iftar meal [mama, tolong kesiankan along diperantauan, ekekeke]


asuramaru™ said...

enjoy your work dayas! ^_^

Fiza Chan..! said...

jaga makan tuh along.. haishhh,
sat gi makin kecik laa kakak adek nih..

miss u..