Sunday, July 1, 2012


 When I was in my second year, I heard my friends said this place has the best chicken chop. Since that moment, I really wanna visit it. Thanks to Atok and Jannah for having me yesterday, you guys really made my day, wee! Hutan Bandar Larkin, I would say the best things here are the beautiful nature scenery [I really excited to see those tortoises climbing the bank and giant Koi! O.O], happy family where parents spend quality time with their children [those happy faces of the children,priceless], colorful orchids and many good angles to snap [I believe good photographer would produce great masterpieces here :D]. As I walked around, I realized two things; FIRSTLY, love could be nurtured through simple things and SECONDLY, there are many places in Johor I have not visit, aaa! What on earth am I doing here for four years huh!!! (=.=")

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asuramaru™ said...

wah, nice place la dayas. teringin nak pegi jalan2 di johor one day~