Monday, May 16, 2011


Woke up three-thirty in the morning for hiking is C R A Z Y! At last my 18th wish came true. I never hike a hill in such sleepy condition and thank God, we made to the top of Broga Hill.

At first, I was so surprised to see like hundreds of people gathered early in the morning [it was five a.m.!] just to climb this famous hill and I wonder why it is so damn famous. Reaching the top, after 45 minutes hiking in darkness [please bring own torchlight next time!], the view is breathtaking. The chill fresh air just swept away all the tiredness [and sweat of course], the naked blue sky barely touched our eyes, the sunrise is magnificent and not to forget those famous lalang [weeds], they are all beautiful, rhythmically swayed and yeah, worth for photo shooting [now I really wish for good camera. Pray hard.]. Awesome and this is an A C H I E V E M E N T!

Eight in the morning, good bye Broga and hello Sungai Congkak. I guess this reunion had turn out to be a nature trip. LOL. I was excited when I know they were planning to visit this place because Miss Plum Pudding had told me about it before. It was quite far away but it's scenic and very clean place to having a picnic. Amrin and Sya enjoying the cool water to their heart content. Plus the strawberry ice cream. Refreshing treat after hiking.

At two in the afternoon, lunch at Alamanda [I can't eat a lot because I was filled with too much happiness] and enjoying ice cream A G A I N [Ahahak, I can't resist an ice cream!], yummy! I like it! Special thanks to Husna, you made this reunion great. Thanks to Amrin for the sudden but nice plan for the trip. Thanks to Sya for the camera and sweet jokes.  Anyway, guys, I enjoy your company and this is greatest memory ever!

pee/ass: The event of this post is yesterday and for today: Happy Teacher's Day!
pee/pee/ass: saket satu badan oh. sape suruh tak warming up dulu, hailah~


Anonymous said...

ooooooo...ada watak tambahan di situ!! bile mau story-mory..hehehe, beta menunggu ye~~


chumut said...

watak tambahan yang jadik main character huh? Anyway, all of them make my trip brighter! >.<v

yok Melaka! *insyaAllah* ^_^