Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Thing that you MUST do in your life is TRAVEL"

That were her words. Dr. Abby's words. Always stuck in our brain. It was during our first year in Grammar class. She always asked question like "Do you know where's this place?" and all of us will like "Where on earth is that place?" Then Dr. Abby said "You should own a globe." Yup, we're geographically dummies. LOL. 

She's the coolest lecturer we ever had in our program. She loves ginger cat which always appeared in the example of her lectures. Plus, her Prof. Snape-Act-Alike. She's awesome and she travelled a lot during her study-hood. I still remember when she talked about Monalisa and stuff. Okay, enough tribute to Dr. Abby.

The essential here is; we might be not-so-good in geography but we could be super-freak when it comes to travel-across-the-globe! I heard somebody's going to travel to India! Guys, you know what... that trip will be super-massively-awesome! I wanna join [said for hundreds thousands times]. Sobs. Now, I couldn't help myself but googling India. Good bye final exam study. Hope you all will enjoy your 10-days-millionaire life there [100MYR is 1488.56INR! Gah! Rich!]. Please buy me good stuff!!!! Please hug elephant for me!!!! and tag me cool piccas!!!

[musicmode: I believe I can fly, R.Kelly. Thank you Fly. fm for the song!]


Anonymous said...

buy good stuff : accepted
tag cool piccas : accepted
hug elephant : ???????????



chumut said...

you must hug *if possible kiss* the elephant in order to finish the RACE.

*eceh ayat bajet host explorace plak =p*