Sunday, May 22, 2011


A bit frustrated when 'what is plan doesn't work as it planned'. Supposed to get the last shot of Hepatitis B vaccine today, as being scheduled by the doc, but they canceled it just like that. Really hope I could get the last shot tomorrow and submit the certificate to Harvard as soon as possible. Now, who says going to Harvard is easy? You need to get seven shots of variety vaccine before you could really fly there. They made me feel like I'm a time bomb carrying lotsa diseases. Kaboom!

I just want to settle this health certificate, flight ticket and the visa *sighs*. So that, I could worry on stuff I'd love to worry which is shopping needs for the summer school teehee~~!

randomdaydream: nak potong baju kurung cotton kat rumah mak jang yang baek hati|nak baju kurung merah macam red riding hood|nak chenchen wings yang harge doploh hengget tuh|nak pegi pasar pandan & jalan dhoby ngan TESLians|nak kamera kechik chomei|N O K T A H.
pee/ass: saya yang takde keje sambil makan biskut lemon di pustake.


HS said...

awww chumeinye =D

btw, chenchen doploh engget?

chumut said...

yup. ada kat, tapi, bila nak purchase, error pulak.. sobs.

HS said...

aww. tenet kut. nanti bule la tu. ^_^