Tuesday, April 19, 2011


1130 am: Stressful with Research Method Presentation and unfinished Final Report. I open my gmail and found this:

1130 pm: Miss Plum Pudding made an urgent call, saying a guy wanted to be seriously serious with her. Met her. Advise her with Istikharah and stuff and suddenly poof! I found this:

Birthday bash which began with a beautiful mischievous acts of Miss Plum Pudding [Oscar for you babe!]. Thank you Zul and Kak Ija. You guys are fabulous. Not to forget Mimi and Dewi and also our photographer Idi [or else, semua gambar vibrate, bak kata Kak Ija la..hehehe]. Wish all 43rd Convo Family could be with us... Jom makan besar! I love the Doraemon cake! Nyum! >.<

pea/ash: Praised be upon God for all good things happened. I love you God. Thank you dearest family and friends, this came from your prayers. Thank you Iman's dad, his magic advice surely work! I'll do my best! God willing, Yosh!


bs88 said...

haha my name was there as well in your blog LOL
yeah we will bring ourselves the very best experience from now on! jom :)

chumut said...

LTY! I'm glad u drop by here. Jom! study. play. travel!
p/s:dun forget to be vaccinated this Friday yah! >.<

Anonymous said...

ehem...ehem... hahaha, i'll take that as a compliment ^^


chumut said...

jlite, you're always the Oscar winner. Two times of good act that day! I can't believe it that I fall for both acts!lol.