Sunday, April 17, 2011


"FAMILY exists in every human's little compartment called HEART"

We are thirteen with tons of differences. We might back-talking, gossiping etc. etc. But nobody can deny that behind every hipocratic charade, there's always a drop of sense of true happiness, friendship and family. Tett! Enough speech!

It was great that TESL-together-activity is on again! This time we manage to gather all TESLians & partners [except for our dearest Mummy Mimi. Huk3, we really want you and Abang to join us. Sobs.] for the Zoo Trip and Pizza Picnic. Why zoo? Well, it had been ages we never visit that place [my last trip was 6 years ago!] and I guess most of us forgot how real wild animals look like. This proven when we first entered the zoo, everybody was so excited with this big white birdie scattered around the zoo. Iman and Mas were trying to catch them! However, in return the bird chased them.

The partners are also great! Thanks to Idi, Atok, Babat and Kadok for the photos. You guys did awesome! and Din, thank you for joining us, we're sorry if any of our words and action make you feel uneasy. For Praba, you rock! I believe most of your words create most of our happy laughter, thank you. Your company surely made the trip fun!

My most appreciation is for my girlfriends Iman, Jannah, Siti Mastura, Masturah, Dewi, Ghini, Joyce, Miko, Amy, Candy and my guy-friend Dawson for the Birthday Surprises. For a girl who has so many difficult things happened through out life this semester, this surprise did ease my hurdles and I'm sorry, I cried because I found a family within your friendship. 

I Do, Colbie Caillat
"Me a family, a house a family
Ooh, can we be a family?"

pee/ass: Next sem Genting babeyh! God willing. 
pea/ash: birthday presents this year is food! curry, sushi, pizza. gosh, i'm bloated and blast!


Anonymous said...

curry + sushi + pizza [cheeeese] = haha..ingat lagi tak orang punya status ym about all of these foods? hehehe~~~ they really came real babe~

btw, of course we can be a family, we ARE family ^^

love you cik cheer chubby strawberry ..[oops, you forgot to mention strawberry there..=p ]


chumut said...

i love strawberries! this year, my April is Strawberry month!

Glad top have you all. My family.
Thank you for giving me chance to share your happiness.

Since we are monsta! Eating is the best thing to do together! Love you too monsta! >.<