Thursday, April 26, 2018

maybe... it's not the time yet

I'm not sure whether I'm writing this, just because I wanna comfort myself or I wanna channel this heartache of mine to... some.. other point of view. When I grow older, I realize this one important thing; which is... there are certain things now that hurt me so much or I am totally against it, perhaps, when I'm movin on to another stage of life later on, I'll comprehend it, digest it and see why people do such things. I dunno, it's like... lookin at my son now... he's survivin his terrible two life; where all the right things I and my hubs said seems wrong to him. He felt like he's right and when we're trying to correct him, he'll begin his tantrum. Like me now, having this whatsoever-terasa-hati, pffft. Maybe, it's not the time yet.. someday I'll understand, and as for now... just go with flow and if I dislike that certain thing, when my time come, let's just hope that I won't do such things. Tak ske, jangan buat.

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