Wednesday, December 13, 2017


B I S M I L L A H I R R A H M AN I R R A H I M. It has been like what, two years of hibernating, writing nothing here. Being mom of two is really challenging and makes me forget how's life before. Yup! two boys now and happily raising em' up with my super-hero-husband; only God knows how hectic our life could be. We changed a lot when we have children; watching movie now preferably at home or considering Family Friendly cinema, YouTubing channel means subscribing Didi and Friends and surprisingly make us faithful fan of Ejen Ali and Boboiboy instead of any TV series, going places means preparation-like-nak-pindah rumah [diapers to change after 4 hours, check! diapers to use when babies suddenly poop, check! plastic bag for diapers, check! that's only the saga of the diapers, not the milk, the baju spare, the thermos, the stroller, the baby carrier, the long list goes on and on and on...]. Somehow, this makes me realize how patient my parents were in fulfilling my need and facing all my tantrum. Thank you and I know this is nothing compared to what they have done for me. Thus, to ensure this brotherhood well-nurtured, mama and ayah promise to become a great team for amji and juha, yeah!

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