Monday, January 9, 2012

fly to sky

W I N D Y and D R I Z Z L Y all the time in southern part of the country somehow would affect somebody's soul. However it is a good time to take out your most colorful kite and decorate the sky. In one hand, your day might be the gloomiest. On the other hand, it's the best day to do something that you do not do for a very long time, like flying a kite.
We sometimes forgot to decorate the sky, because we always think that sky is too high. We also forgot that we always have the string attached to our hand that enable us to decorate the sky. It is same like doa' because all we need to do is bring our hands together and pray to Him to ensure we decorate our life beautifully in the right path. New resolution can be one or hundreds or thousands, but when you lose the string attached to Him. It means nothing. Just like the kite, when the string is ruined, the kite will fall down.


Anonymous said...

hi dear senior, everything alright?
love the thought of yours talking abt kite, sky, weather, us, and religion.

chumut said...

hi dearest junior, nature is all attach to us. all we have to do is to pause, ponder and praise be upon the Creator for giving u;s chance to see and think about it. :)

flYzz said...

^_^ mcm comel je gtu ^_^..nanti kita fly sama2 ya.. lets spread the wings~ tell the world...Power puff girls has arrive!

chumut said...

kite memang chumel. ho ho ho. si along yang perasan. yup, powerpuff girls rule the world! >3