Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When we was a little child. We never afraid. People around us always encourage us. Remember when we began our first steps, people won't mad at you when you fell down, in fact they quickly got you up and held your hand tightly dearly. Then we'll smile again. Why? Because falling down is the process to become stronger. 
Because after falling down, a child still keep on trying until he or she can walk.
However when we grow up, once you fall, it's hard to get those support right? Why?
Because grown up usually do not learn from their fall and they tend to give up. 
If you're now walking well, don't give excuses that you cannot survive the 'fall'.
Because you are strong and people stand by you when you are willing to be strong.

"first step out of the fall always the freakiest and hardest in fact you know you are too fragile, but keep on walking; second step is when you know you have break your fear; third step onward are the steps of solution and now you are confident that you have walk away from your fall - God willing "


Fiza Chan..! said...

insyaAllah.. u're strong along~!
^_^ me.i know.

chumut said...

insyaAllah. together we strong. glory glory :D