Friday, November 11, 2011

photographer or photogenic

P H O T O G E N I C. All girls are beautiful. I learnt this before from a weird man but I believe his words were true. Thus, every girl could appear nice in any camera lens. No. Most people disagreed about the statement because not every girl is photogenic. Sometimes I drew a long thought, if all girls beautiful, why they were separated by photogenic and stuff. Separators always exist. However, beauty doesn't define by the word photogenic only right? So cheers, seek the beauty hidden in you.

P H O T O G R A P H ER. Many girls could be a photographer. Many pictures she shoots reflected her own soul. Beautiful, sometimes alive, sometimes people said she caught the moment. So, every girl could be a great photographer. No. Many people would say she got a good camera, that's why she snaps good pictures. Does brand of the camera defined her soul? Maybe the heart should do the looking not merely eyes.
pea/ash: God loves beauty. So He creates beautiful P H O T O.


HS said...

He gives inspiration for beautiful photos.

btw, now me want eskrem. :3

j*Lite said...

niiiiiiiiceeeecee pic! (^^,)v

nak eskrem!! hehe

pss..pss.. we havent tried that new cornetto flavour yet..=p

JANNAH means Heaven said...

cantikla gambaq ni...=)