Saturday, October 29, 2011

a-never-dream comes true|new york

Little girl like me do dream, but it is never-a-dream to take subway to Times Square and witness the city that never sleep. Reminiscing those days; missed the flight to New York from Boston and straight away walked out to the city after the super-tiring flight.
The bridge - familiar in movies and tv. reminds me of golden gate bridge, san francisco.
Subway and famous yellow cabs-welcome to times square!
Sex is jokes, reminds me of discourse analysis class and spidey doesn't climb the building
Empire State Building and the Sesame Street style signpost.
A never sleep city. Tired face greets NYC.


Hammad0 said...

well well well
how was new york?
and...umm...whats obamacondom looks like

chumut said...

new york is a big city to be explored.wish for more time to do that. two days was scarce! a beautiful city. wondering about obamascondom huh? gotta subscribe to their jokes to discover. marketing strategy i would say. :D

Lala said...

more photos I SAY! heehee! so lucky you have been there! : D