Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is raining in Harvard. Had been so hot for several days. Everyday is a busy day now. Four more weeks to go make me realize short semester in summer is quite challenging. This temperature made me consumed tablet of vitamin C for extra antibody. Hoping next days and next weeks will be better than this day and this week.

My writing always been sucked, but here I realized what writing is all about. Everyday conference with Mrs. Summerhays really help. She always knows how to tolerate with my level, she always appreciates her student's idea and discuss like friends which makes me wanna improve my writing more and more. Now I can say that, even though I might slow in writing and I realize that I have to read more to enrich my vocab, but I begin to love writing.

Adolescent literature has changed the main theme from sexual element embedded in fairy tales to religious aspect implanted in famous literature. We discussed about Narnia today and it is really fascinating when everybody across continents of this world could discuss Islam, Judaism and Christianity together. Narnia. Mr. Flesch gave the lecture brilliantly, although sometimes he was crazier than us, students. He made me dropped by at Raven (a famous bookshop for used books) for a while, reading the translation of Quran and revise about Adam and Eve, the creation of human being by Allah. Read, realize, while waiting for the rain to stop.

It was raining heavily in Harvard today. My red umbrella nearly fly away to Charles River. Get a grip. Held head high. Smile. Seize the best of your day. :)

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Anonymous said...

jgn smpi kene tiup~ ^_^

chumut said...

insyaAllah tak. thinking of panjat the bridge and take picture there. agak2 boleh tak ek? huhu :D

HS said...

jgn lpe safety harness. =3