Thursday, July 21, 2011


Day begin with full bloom when my my lecturer point out that my response paper would be a good initial idea of producing essay on comparison of short stories and it became an example discussed throughout the class today. Surprised. I am as I did mentioned in my previous post, I am sucked in writing. I realized I was underestimate this inferior side of me and it makes me feel weaker. I learnt that, the thoughts of we are bad in certain things exist because we do not trust that side of us and we keep harming it harshly, severely by doing the worst thing a human being could do to him/herself: UNDERESTIMATE & DISTRUST OWN SELF.

Stay by Sugarland entertain me throughout my way home. I'm taking 66 Dudley Bus today as the temperature out there is getting hotter (even Rebecca, my lecturer reminds me to wear sunblock). Here, I enjoy walking more than riding any transportation. There will be always something odd, funny or just the breeze tell-tale you about summer. Makes you say to yourself: Stay.

Play with words is not what I wanna do in this post. Today I just have a feeling of closeness to this place. The feel of being accepted by the community. The lady who served me frappucino chitchatting about how busy she was today. Hijabis gave salam on the street. A girl of my sister's age smiled at me. The classmates joking with you stuff. I love the smell of coffee and dozing off in Widener is okay. 

Another challenging paper to go. I chose to write "Why I hate Alice in Wonderland". Totally opposite to my lecturer's interest. I wonder.


MuNie said...

chibi.. tak pakai blog yg lama dh ke? syoknye life chibi kt sana. :) have a nice summer!

chumut said...

chibi dah jadik budak chumut. hehe. yup dis is my blog now. a great life indeed. but must say a busy too. thank you!