Saturday, October 25, 2014

seminar paper presentation

 Finally done this national seminar paper presentation for Guru Baharu. Though being the main presenter of the event surely pressured me, yet Alhamdulillah everything ended with great new friends and of course good free food in Park Avenue :D (now my mom complaining of me being so fat which i believe that i JUST look fat.. haish, i think mama is exaggerating :P). Anyway, conducting a mini action research and presenting seminar paper is compulsory for new teachers. As for Kedah, all you need to do is to come out with a project which would help your students (specifically like; how to help your students to write a paragraph of a story or how to help a student to brush her teeth in context of special education and etcetera) and it must come with fancy name; don't ask mine =.=". Whatever it is, it does remind me of my previous fyp, yet this time it is more appreciated. 
Master's next! Q(>.<)Q


Nur Fiza said...

congrats along! haaa.. hebat betul cikgu nihh

00@glasgow said...

it's been awhile. no more updates?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday