Monday, June 3, 2013


Finally, he's taken. Congratulations to cuzzy Fikri and welcome to our family Kak Erny! :D Another cousin is married. This kinda made me nervous somehow, eh? Though all the pakcik makcik were asking, I said the time will come. If they ask more, I'll smile. If they ask again, I'll tell them; pa kata ceq blanja pak long mak long makan kopi kaw punya sambil pekena mi kuah Bedong yang femes tuha, InshaaAllah, boleh la tukaq topik soalan pasai makanan pulak, hehe. Thus, I guess, I just need to pray and live my life; so many things to do, so many places to travel, so many dreams to catch, but I do not know how much time is left for me on this earth. For now, lemme just take the wedding pictures yeah! :) My wedding? Ihiks.. :P The time will come, doakan ya. InshaaAllah. 

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