Saturday, February 23, 2013


For a month, I've spending my time here teaching, organizing students' data, coaching aerobic, marking students' book and so much more. To really work is not as easy as practical days during undergraduate [wuwuwu, macam mana lah orang boleh bekerja berpuluh puluh tahun sampai pencen... tough nya parents mencari duit.. pastu anak anak senang senang mintak tu mintak ni, which sometimes kita tak sedar kita da guris hati parents kita... ouch..] No wonder many people would miss study time so damn much. It is difficult, no doubt; to mould, to shape, to encourage these youngsters to learn, to make them understand, to enable them to acquire the knowledge, but once they get it, I feel contented, I feel grateful :D. There's no easy job, but a job would be easy once we enjoy it sincerely, inshaaAllah. Good luck to my dearest teslians for the interview, pray for me yah, I'm still waiting for the job. Gotta complete several of my bananatypewriter jobs and then sambung buat lesson plan untuk kelas esok... sememangnya saya yang cikgu cikgi:D.


asuramaru™ said...
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asuramaru™ said...

wah! dah jadi cikgu dah dayas. pasni bleh panggil cikgu dayas la ye. anyway enjoy your work as a teacher! =)

chumut said...

substitute teacher je nopal ^_^v inshaaAllah, enjoying every moment here.

asuramaru™ said...

berapa lama tuh dayas? 3 months?

chumut said...

for a month. then renew the contract ^_^.

Uma Narayanasamy said...

If teacher cum 2 this school again, I will be happy.
Your student,