Wednesday, November 28, 2012

dancing daisy

Done pictures editing, praying that the first customer would be happy with it :D. Now gotta focus on language-stuff; transcribing and writing chapter four for a master thesis. Breathing means to keep on moving our days. Wake up sleepyheads! Lets face the day and finish all the works and then we can do things we love, livin' da vida loca :D [and how I wish to go shopping; saya rindu jusco, taking more soulful pictures, visiting places which will make me lift up my humble camera and doing cool things with people I love!] Now tell me, what do you want to do most in life? Dancing joyfully like the daisy :D!*wishlist mode, wee!*


00@Glasgow said...

wow first customer? are you making photography business? that is interesting.

By the way, been a while since you last wrote. it's great to see new stuff! keep it up and happy wishing!

asuramaru™ said...

superb capture dayas! new lens i guess?

chumut said...


00@Glasgow: business on request. prefer to do photograph for self-satisfaction. :)thanks for reading, really appreciate this:DD!

asuramaru: nahh~ just the old one. craving for the new one. :DD! working hard for it.

asuramaru™ said...

good luck then dayas!

Anonymous said...

rindu jalan2 kat jusco with you and kakak mimi!! miss the old times really2 badly!