Friday, September 21, 2012


P O N T I A N is a district, where I only noticed its existence from local newspapers [if only there are any news about it]. Never had any ideas on how does this place look like and I thought, since it is in Johor, I would ONLY see palm oil plants all over the place. However, I was so surprised, when the twins mentioned about seaside, keropok lekor and I could see many wooden jetties with local fisherman's boats on our way headed to Benut. There goes my geography :D. I was very fortunate to have Linda and Shida because they are pretty, kind, generous and...and.. they belanja me the famous rojak asma, lepat and burasak [kalau dapat makan free, puji aje.. ekekeke :P]. Rojak asma prepared by the mak cik at this night market was the best, especially its kuah kacang, best in the world lah! As for the lepat, I think it tasted similar to ketupat palas [so,sama cam utagha jugak la :3]. Burasak, a new dish for me, the twins said it was a Bugis dish where the rice is cooked with coconut milk, then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed for eight hours. A very unique dish yet I need to learn to adapt its taste. Now, Pontian is not a place known from the newspaper anymore. I would love to visit Pontian again! [as long as makan sedap :D!] 

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