Saturday, May 12, 2012

mia mamma

When I was little, I always played my food. Mama, she always be patient with my behavior. Today, I played with my food again and "Mama! look, I made heart shape from my cotton candy, for you!". Tomorrow is mother's day and actually I promised Mama to be home this weekend. Unfortunately, I am still here, eating alone, walking alone to the library, struggling with my final year project. I also promised Mama to bake her cookies. But I am still here, in college. When I think again, whenever Mama said she will always be by my side, she never break her promise. When I faced difficulties, though I tried to hide it, she accompanies me until I feel okay. When my heart broken, she never scolded me but showed me how to survive it. Whenever I forgot Him, she reminds me. Mama, she never break promises, never break her children's hearts. But a child, sometimes, easily break promises and break mom's heart. If you are at home now, hug your mom and tell her that you love her because we never know when we will be distance from her. 
If you're far from her, give her a call. Definitely will call Mama [again] and tell her:
"Mama, Along always love you. Thank you for raise me up with all goodness."


Fiza Chan..! said...

sedeyhnye... huk2..
nk balik jugak :,(

eee, main gula2 kapas!

chumut said...

huhu. tadi call mama. mama ckp, nnti kita semua balik, kita masak2 n makan2. dah call mama?

ngee. ada bnyak kat bilik along ni, boleh buat bentuk2. macam plastisin dah. hehe. besh :3!

j*Lite said...

hehehehe, baru perasan. macam bantal pink saya ^^

Fiza Chan..! said...

main2 lak.. nanti encik semut datang gigit.. :P