Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ordinary circle

 It was two years ago. It was Ramadhan and we were breaking fast together at Bukit Indah. Time flies and now we are heading to graduation day. Friendship is not a perfect bond. We  hate but still we rely on each other when it comes to hardship of assignments, we gossip because we care too much, we directly 'sound' on each other's face because we do not want to keep hatred later. I know, each of us has own circle of friends, circle of friends that perhaps much much better (which you claimed they know you better), cooler than this teslians group. Just remember this group once existed in your life. :)


j*Lite said...

by the way dear, the circle in fact is out of ordinary..=p it's ordinary, but in it's own 'ordinary way'~ =p

pss..pss.. boleh buat promo bag =p

chumut said...

promo beg che' midah's collection.
yeah, hoping for everybody to appreciate this :D