Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my shoes

There's a saying; try to put yourself in other's shoes, then you will understand. Now tell me, do we have same size of feet? And though we have same size but do we like same brand, color or pattern of shoes? No. It's true that at least we try to understand, and this action should be appreciated because that person who try to be in our shoes, try to understand us as good as possible. However nobody knows what is really happening in your mind, body and soul except Him. Are you as mighty as God to say that you really understand? 

What am I saying is applicable to my dearest own self. I admit I could not be in other's shoes, like really really be in their shoes, though I do try because I am not God. Then I can accept that sometimes people do not understand me. It's just when people who try to understand my condition and then make it as reason to judge me. It hurts. Remember, we do not have the same shoes or similar size of feet. 

Just a point to ponder: we will never understand a lost until we have our own lost. Please do not judge.

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