Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been thinking for quite some times, the title for this post. However Ramadhan is simply meaningful. First Ramadhan went very well for me. My sahur is plain rice and sardine. Huhu. Itu jek yang den mampu, alhamdulillah. I walked around Harvard and MIT with my green baju kurung (thanks iman!) and feel so peaceful. It was a great day indeed. Praised be upon Him, I got A for the first essay in Adolescent Class, the hardest class I would say as it deals with so many elements to understand literature to its root. 

As for writing, I got B+, which means I need to work harder. Writing always the toughest subject for me and I always wonder "do people who write so well are gifted?" haha. I just gotta work harder. Whatever it is, I think these are small yet excellent achievement for today and reward myself with this new book. 
In Harvard, I found out that, the westerners know Quran and they can discuss about it quite well. As for me, still swimming with words, when I'm trying to say something that related to Islam which would be very brilliant point for discussion, yet since I know very shallow, I end up being silent. Ashamed. Yes. I admit that sometimes, I am too 'indulged' myself with other knowledge but I forgot to refer this book. Reflection.

Anyway, Ramadhan is a month of reflection and also to do something meaningful. Ibadah, is one way and sharing is also another way of making this month beautiful. So, tomorrow will be the raya cookies project a.k.a buat biskut raya, insyaAllah. 
Asked mama for the recipe. Hope to get all the ingredients in Star Mart. InsyaAllah. The cookies will be shared with our dearest Bangladeshi Prof., Brazilian Landlady and Harvard Friends. Hope so, hope so. Huhu.

pea/ash: mama, along sayang mama ^_^ <3


HS said...

lets make the most out of ourselves this month. and continue doing so for the rest of our lives. ^_^

Fiza Chan..! said...

assalamualaikum.. hai along.. hOws da biskut???? gud luck.. n u may try harder for ur writing, but not push harder :) all da best.. lots of love from us..

Anonymous said...

waiting for your biskut raya~ *picca ae =p*