Friday, July 1, 2011


Jumu'ah or solat Jumaat is not obligatory for women and for twenty-one years I've been living in this world, I never perform Jumu'ah prayer until I reach States. Actually, my first Jumu'ah was on the second day I reached Boston. Prof. Habib invited me that day and I still remember how I feel so secure because meeting all the Muslims here made me feel; "Alhamdulillah, I'm not alone." Since I don't have class on Friday, I just do some reading while waiting for Jumu'ah and Lamont Library is my favourite library among all libraries in Harvard as most of the stuff there related to arts and language. O' heaven!

Yes, it is not something common in Malaysia where women perform Jumu'ah prayer, but here in Harvard, I received email of invitation from the Islamic Society mentioning about the location and the time for the prayer every week. Throughout the summer, Holden Chapel is the place for Jumu'ah.

A blessing day indeed and I met Qistina and Roba, new friends from Egypt. I don't know why I wanna say this, but, I feel like when you're in the small group, you'll be more close with each other and Him.

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