Friday, July 29, 2011


Class and conference with my dear lecturers were fruitful. I'm contented, alas, my introduction for academic paper is good. A great comment to hear from Rebecca, my writing lecturer. Fin study hours. Packed up the books. Put on dearest chiko (my nikon camera) and headed to one of the-must-visit-place in Harvard. Tada!

The world famous thing here is the Blaschka Glass Model of Plants or also known as Glass Flowers. There are various samples of plants and they are all GLASS! Malaysian plant? They have paddy and our national flower: Bunga Raya! *proud proud proud*

But the thing that I am eager to see here is all the fossils, dinosaurs and meteorite. They have most animals in the world, name it, you'll get them all here and they are real! Even though it is in preserved state *you can tell by the smell, sometimes, made you feel the animals are still alive, but they're not moving. ok, creepy.*

However, the reason I am here is this!
This museum is the home of inspiration for Harry Potter. Today, they have the scavenger hunt where we walked around searching for the plant, minerals, fossils and also invisibility cloak! based on the clues given. It was so fun because I feel like I am in Hogwarts, understand the science and discover things related to Harry Potter. Plus, I smiled all the time as I heard most of the parents joined their children enthusiastically and explained to them why the things related to Harry Potter. Who says museum is boring? *I regretted for saying that before. hehe* 
 Finally, that's me enjoying Hogwarts in HMNH. A muggle of course. I got my Hogwart's symbol from Professor McGonagall, Crickets lollipop and Crikettes Crackers *which I still consider to eat or not*, fossils for my youngest sis and the novel, is my textbook for this week Adolescent Literature Class. 
Veritaserum! The truth and fun that come from knowledge.
Can't wait to join all Harvardian for Quidditch and Hogwart's Party tomorrow 
(today is still Thursday). 


HS said...

i suppose, d cricket is kinda crunchy and tasty. :3

Anonymous said...

ada quidditch??!! snap picca banyak2 chibi dear~~


chumut said...

hs: i'll save some for you. haha.

jlite: i'm expecting flying brooms tomorrow. we'll see what's quidditch in harvard. huhu.

Mrs Grumble said...

Pls get me the ' broom' for quiddith... I pay you how much it is if you can have even the bookmarks...can i have 4 souviner fr HP world, i pay whatever it is...wud love if you have found something like brooch... Maklong

chumut said...

mak long dear, unfortunately, takde merchandise yang di jual at harvard. mostly ada kat downtown boston. i bought the scarf from amazon. huhu. but, if i found something in New York, i'll definitely grab one for you ^_~v