Friday, July 1, 2011


For people who loves cheese. This would be your dream place to visit.
The best cheesecake in town is made here. The largest portion of meal is served here.
The Two American Favorites are also here! [Please click on the picture for better view]

Just look at Chin Chee's face. It explains A L L.
"Where's my cheesecake?"


Anonymous said...

waaaaahh!!!! baru pasan entry ni! mau cheese!!! sib bek xnampak sgt gamba yg ada real cheese..kalox, amilase liur nye penghasilan sure xterkawal..=p


chumut said...

i should put the cake picture then. the best cake in town is red velvet. mane2 pon kat ceruk boston nie, red velvet jugak yang drg sul=ke. i love blackout cake. memang sodaaaap. ala2 choc indulgence tapi, lebiiiih indulge! >.<