Wednesday, June 29, 2011

proud crimson

Sara and I planned to visit Harvard Stadium which located just on our home. Crimson is the color of Harvard uphold proudly here. The scenery is breathtaking! We cannot stop taking pictures. Several facts that you might want to know are:

1) They play American football. Thus, the track for athletic event is outside the stadium.
2) Harvard is excellent in rowing sport. Field event, I guess other university is good at it.
3) These people are crazy about baseball! Red Sox is the baseball team for Boston. We're looking forward to join Prof. Habib for the coming baseball game. Yay! >.<

We might not have chance to be an athlete for Harvard, but we would love to spend time playing basketball this Friday in the Athletic Centre. Being a Harvard student is not only about books!


HS said...

wow~ great place to be. now im jealous. ^_^

chumut said...

yup. breathtaking.^_~v