Monday, July 28, 2014

the most delicious ketupat on earth

i s the one eaten with dearest family [juga semestinya ketupat palas. ketupat petak-petak tu, tak masuk list.. ekekeke, jangan marah ha..]. Happy Eid al-Fitr. Praised be upon Allah, for giving us chance to celebrate Syawal together this year. Nevertheless, we must not ignore the tragedies hovering around us. Let's unite, keep on praying, it is always our responsibilities :) Jum sambung sikit lagi post ni. When raya was celebrated, commonwealth game will finish and school holidays gonna end soon. Say hi to works! Yeay! [ok.ta ikhlas~ (=.=").. hangpa pon sama kan.. ngee] but what to do... life goes on. So, kenalah jugak cari semangat. Many projects need to be done, thus, lets generate happy energetic working force. Chaiyok! Q(>,<)Q


00@Glasgow said...

Happy Eid to U. ^_^

chumut said...

happy eid, may Allah blessed you ^_^

Anonymous said...



p/s: miss you!