Wednesday, August 14, 2013

shoo shoo sugartown

A moderate celebration, alhamdulillah. Several moments I would like to treasure forever; baking cookies and learning to make better cookies from mama, using self-timer and lari-lari to snap the family portrait, googling new recipe and I will force them to eat it [and using my veto power, sume musti cakap along masak sedaappp, muhahaha!] This year, Victoria Sandwich was chosen to be experimented. My sister called it 'Kek Kapit' lah, 'Kek Victoria Secret' lah, 'berger stoberi besaq' lah. We had good laugh. Simple moment, maybe it is nothing to others, but worth to be appreciated. What are your family moments? :D

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Fiza Chan..! said...


wohoho, sugartown come to house~
nice job along!

makan banyak2 ^_^.