Tuesday, March 26, 2013

wolf force

Joining the force! Wish number five of the year came true! *confetti!* Though adek could not join this, to shop with all sistah and mama, surely a sweet experience. With the yougest sister act like a funny wolf, hunting for books with her white box, we enjoyed this short Penang trip [I did have the toughest time driving in Georgetown]. Books are marvelously super cheap! I managed to purchase Lemony Snickets Series [and some other books... ngee]. Meanwhile sistah and mama, they also borong all the books! Yeay! But it would be great if they could held this event in Kedah. Dearest Wolfie, please come to Kedah :3.


Fiza Chan..! said...

fighting fantasy!!! qdek pun ade bli sbijik.. nanti kita pakat tgk :)

chumut said...

haha. atikah was so obsessed with this book. she even brings this to hostel... i warned her.. pi skolah study noo... haha :DDD