Monday, October 1, 2012

the parcel

The convocation day is two weeks from now. It is exciting and everybody is preparing for this big day. Talking about the preparation, since I was from the northern part of the country, thus it is quite challenging to get a place to stay for my family. Everybody wanted the best room and if possible, the closest to the university. The day I went to book a room in Scholar's Inn [a place where you can stay in the university with a good price], people were queuing since four a.m.! Haha, so juniors, bear this in mind. Next, is the convocation attire. I followed my house mates to find their baju kurung everywhere in Johor. It is important day; superb outfit is compulsory! But I am so lucky [alhamdulillah] because I have Mama. She requested me to wear her baju kurung for the convocation. At first, I was like; "along nak baju baru...wuwuwu", but the pearl cream baju kurung was the one for her big day, I feel honored. I received the parcel and never expect that, opening the humble brown wrapper, would cause tears burst. It contains three graduation cards from Mama and sisters, a drawing from my youngest sister and the baju kurung. This is the greatest convocation gift; I don't need flowers, I just need my family. :') [But I would appreciate some-of-my-favourite-flowers:P]

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