Monday, August 27, 2012

grown up

Praised be upon God for the blissful solemnization. It was a lovely day of Syawal and finally my cousin, Shah (who once upon a time ago was very mischievous and 'broke my favourite telepon mainan'), got married. Time flies and somehow this amazed me, as most cuzzy were married, almost every year. Syawal is no more playing mercun ketupat together; throwing mercun bola kat rumah jiran tok, no more sharing bed time stories; talking about how macho Shah Rukh Khan is while flipping the scrap book of bollywood stars, discussing theme color for future wedding, no more playing jutaria or saidina where we can poke each other knowing that we were cheating on the game, no more showing off who got the most duit raya. Everybody has grown up and when we reflect; we know that we missed those innocent years so much. :')

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asuramaru™ said...

time flies really fast dayas.... really missed our young days~ =)