Thursday, June 14, 2012


a meow suddenly entered mak long's house when we were eating ketupat."
"without wasting our time. we caught him. hugged him tight. squeezed his paw. his face: shocked!"
 "tried hard to make him look at the camera." 
 "but since he hesitated so much, we cannot do anything but to pull his chubby cheekiness."

A month of super hardships made me depend so much on Him and them. The final year project was finally approved by the supervisor [thank you so much for your trust and patient, Dr.] and currently waiting to be listed as one of the presenters for the project. Pray hard so that everything will be well, God willing. Chaiyok! Three more final papers to complete and I can't wait to be home. Penulisan tulus ikhlas daripada along yang tak cukup makan [sindrom pelajar hujung sem yang kekurangan sumber pendapatan, lol] :P


Fly said...

huishhh. at least makannn

Fiza Chan..! said...

makan tau..~!

cute red bju kurung girl.. :P