Saturday, January 21, 2012

banana typewriter

First of all, this is not my picture. Lots of unexpected things occurred recently. Failure, frustration, bad-mouth-people, heart-breaker and backstabbers exist in dearest life as if they come for a reunion and wanna teach me a great lesson. I learnt, I guess. All tears, painful heart and sickness-o-pressure only lead to a thought that academic sometimes and somehow taught an individual how to kiss ass. Once you know how to do that, you'll be an 'excellent' graduate/ass-kisser. I strictly remind myself; good educators never break the learners, they guide.
S T O P. Look forward for solution. Just finished stapled and taped my humble hundred B A N A N A T Y P E W R I T E R posters. I've been thinking on being serious with language editing job for quite long time. Here I begin my project and I hope people will support me. 


Anonymous said...

Support you !!
ganbatte kudasai ^^

asuramaru™ said...

always be strong dayas!
keep positive! ^_^