Tuesday, December 20, 2011

momma's sixth sense

When I was little, I was very lazy to perform solah. My mom said; "I know when you did wrong, or something wrong with you. I will dream about you and what you do and what you feel." 
At that moment, I thought my mom said that just to scare me.

I was wrong. Now I feel so miserable. My status now is still fail for my final year project and my lecturer said the only option is to get help from final year project coordinator and programme coordinator tomorrow, or else I have to extend one more semester just to complete the project. I cried and I looked miserable. I know. 

But mama always has this instinct, though I'm afraid to tell her, but she texted me: 
"mama sayang along, belajar elok elok."

Dear mama, I might be a failure to them. But, insyaAllah, I never ever fail for you. Aminn. 
"MOM's instinct is not to sCARE you, it is the utmost CARE"


Anonymous said...

All the best dear senior :)
As how u made ur way to Harvard, u will make the same victory this time I believe.
sincerely, I love your words. not-too-long. sweet. impressive.

chumut said...

thank you dear, your words strengthen me. thank you. ^_^