Saturday, November 12, 2011

open house|open heart

A friend came for few minutes and told me this: "It has been so long we don't have good time together. I, myself, after class talk to lecturer, talk to my friend bout assignment and read book book book. I'm sorry for my behavior, I should spend some times with my friends..." 

A friend who came for quite a long time and we talked lalala: "Guys are difficult when comes to changing their attitude. I've read a lot, and perhaps in thousand guys maybe 5-10 guys will change into better when they meet a girl he loves. Guys won't change and worst thing is when the guys have histories..."

A friend who cannot attend my open room because of a conference, a very busy friend: "omg.. What food? I have fridge le...if got extra can put in fridge coz i got cooker and steamer too...:D"

A friend who came quite late but share good laugh and baby donuts: "i never know a guy could be so choosy. the salesgirl who doesn't know him, or anybody who doesn't know him would be annoyed by this attitude. i was annoyed before, but when i look it positively he's not stupidly being choosy, he knows what he need, he knows what he wanted and he is firm with his decision. then it's okay for him to be choosy..."

Some chips cookies, ketupat and rendang ayam would spark good time with friends, generate point to ponder, tickle some humor and stimulate valuable sense. Big hug to mama for making this open house.. err room a good memory. 

pea/ash: mama, they love the food. <3 and dewi, thanks for the recipe. thanks mimi for the rice cooker. :D


j*Lite said...

ehehehe~ patutlah tersedak2 semalam, ada orang 'sebut' pasal kita ghupenye..=p

lagi satu watak penting tertinggal, hehe, mrs-gonna-be-cat...=p senyap terus dia bila dapat ayam sedap

chumut said...

hehehe. special tak quote tu. penting tu, betapa special nye encik grandpa. ngee. yup, the kitty, she slept kat depan pintu chibi smalam. dah lari da. :D