Sunday, November 6, 2011

eid adha

G R A T E F U L is the only feeling awarded by Him to me. What else do you want when your family surrounded you making you smile sincerely. Life had been hectic for past weeks but today, in eid adha, people I love are with me. Dearest sis in UPM, we love you. 

Visiting all families; mak tam, mak ngah, mak jang and many more makes eid adha as special as eid fitri. It is not about celebrating and eating [though i ate a lot of ketupat, rendang and daging rebus cicah air asam, not to forget the authentic laksa penang. home sweet home. wallaahhh!], it is actually about sacrificing little time to be with family even just for a while. The real bliss is when with family. 

pea/ash: al-fatihah to arwah tok ngah. time flies. so sometimes it is worth to sacrifice.


Fiza Chan..! said...

alaaa, luv u guys too.. nyum2, cicah air asam yekk..!!! huhu.. selamat beraya salam semua ^_^ visit2 la blog adk kesayangan hangpa noh~

HS said...

looking good in golden shawl. :)