Sunday, July 31, 2011


checkered shirt
that's what he wear
just like me
we're facing each other
different tables near to the window
next to Dunster St.

I think; he's eating chicken sandwich
and I, Vegie Mediterranean Wrap
I drink breakfast black coffee, warm
him, cold Pepsi
oppositely alone,
But his face touched my dear heart

O' Now he's leaving, 
with tired face
with tired pace
stopped, he looked at the Apple Croissant,
my favourite.

As I'm writing This,
I stopped.
he's Gone.
he's not there anymore, but
he walked passed the Glass of the window.

I felt love, though my dear heart
cry: Thank you Dad for having dinner with me tonight
Au Bon Pain cure the pain.


HS said...

nicely done. ^_^

HS said...

gomen, somebody in my house blocked facebook.

suldew_13 said...

u noe da best to express whats in and out of urself....
misss u chibi chan,,,, =(

chumut said...

dewi dear, i miss u too ^_^