Thursday, July 21, 2011

save her (me)

There was a house in Westford
With a girl silently unlocked
Sitting lonely on her bed
Waving slowly through the Curtain of Dread

Her eyes open, still – tears shed
Green lights from her garden penetrate
From her Glass to her Chamber straight
Hallelujah – acoustically she said

She kept humming; she curled under her Night Blanket
On that bed, abruptly – eyes and ears open yet her limb trapped
In the lullaby of sins mused by her Devils
Even the Angels marched down seeking for her hands
But now – she locked behind this one door of the house in Westford. 



HS said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant ... I must say..( maklong )

chumut said...

thank you. hope this will be published. hehe. dreamin~