Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It was like yesterday I've told my mom that we already get a place to stay throughout the summer and today, gahaah! It was canceled by the tenant because of some problems. I was  like, WTH??! Don't advertise the place if it's not available! Grrr....

Homeless people again in the big city of Boston. Have sent so many emails to the potential tenants but no one reply. (Even Amir can only said happy searching. Do I suppose to be happy now? Haiz... Gotta be positive lah kot). All I could do now is watching the past Yuna Inspired show through YouTube with hope kunun-kunun dapatlah inspiration to get a good place to stay through this summer.

I am a happy homeless girl. :D Like the saying, if you lose one thing, better things actually await for you. Hurm, a luxurious summer sublet with low rental price? Wait and see then!

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