Tuesday, June 14, 2011


With so many meetings await at the university, I deeply missed my mom and sisters. Hope they're doing fine. Thank God, the interview for visa was great (even though abang mat saleh yang interview tu smiled widely at me because I have to tiptoe as the counter is  a little bit  high). I'm quite surprised that there were so many Malaysians going to fly to United States. Meeting new friends who going to further study in Wisconsin, Michigan and West Virginia. Plus, made new friend with one Somalian guy,Iskandar, who gonna study in Texas (He invited me to Somalia, wohoho, wish I have that plenty of money to visit). (Korang hebat lah! tabik spring!) Wish them all the best!

The great news, we already get a place to stay during summer. Phew, a great relieve. Twenty minutes away by train from Harvard. Looks like I gonna take train everyday and wake up early for the morning class. Ngui. 

Mom, I miss you. Sis, I miss the time we practice the piano together. Let's be strong. Till we meet again. Hugs and kisses. I want to eat lotsa chocolates now. Kyaaaah! Enjoy the song!

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