Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Despite of the unhappy title, I'm proudly announced my new little kittens!
1) Crush, Time of Birth: 10:19 a.m.
2) Socks, Time of Birth: 10:53 a.m.
3) Cheese, Time of Birth: 11.18 a.m.
Welcome to the world babies! And meet your grandma! Me! LOL, I'm happy with the babies sleeping cutely under my bed. [Yes! In the box! Under my bed! in Hostel!] 

It's nice to have happy moments, happy pets, happy friends and happy times. However, in every ups, the downs come to company. Maybe it's just my hormone. I felt life is unfair. Why give people who can't afford such a good thing when they actually can't afford it? And why there are people have such good money, good family, good look and success greatly, why they have everything? Depressed.

'Why' is toughest 'WH Question' among all. Sometimes it leads to no answer but lost. Here comes the time where we [I] have to remember that "God only gives to people who is suitable and afford to have it or to take responsibility on it" and "People who have everything are people who make use of everything they have and appreciate everything they have". I realize those questions come from me before was myself who forget to be grateful. Astaghfirullah. Be calm, everything will be all right.

pee/ass: i just feel quite depressed because all  Harvard candidates had register but me still struggling with credit cards issue. I wish I have my dad now. Miss him.


HS said...

i did say that i can help u with the cdt card aite?

Fiza Chan..! said...

nak jd nenek angkat~

chumut said...

mama said she'll try her best first. so, giving her chance. i believe mama really wanna help me. i do remember you regarding the credit card matter. thank you.

chumut said...

dek. sure! jadik tok ngah ye~ ahak! bertambahlah tok nenek drg ni~~~

Hammad0 said...

i feel for you, miss chumut..
i feel for ya..

chumut said...

hammad: u feel what? may i know.