Friday, May 27, 2011


You never get good things easily. Obstacle will be loyal company to you. Harvard is one of the case. At first I was nearly gave up with this program because I thought I never had time to get a passport picture as the lecturer only inform me about the form, 3 hours before the closing hour of submission. Praise to God, I made it and was only after several rounds of marathon from one faculty to another faculty. [penat weyh, tambah-tambah den bukan atlet ka, sprinter ka... panchit ouh~~~]

Then, the health certificate demanded by Harvard. Truthfully, it had been rejected for several times before it is really being accepted. They also requested for so many vaccinations!

And N O W, all of us, which includes M E! have no place to stay in Harvard because they had canceled our names for hostel. This is freaking horror! Where we gonna stay? In tent with sleeping bags? Sighs. Thing is getting more and more difficult. What can we do? We had struggled on our own for so many things [with the help of family and friends too!], the entrance, the fees, the vaccination, the itinerary, the credit card. But for this matter, we don't know. Blank. We can only hope.

pee/ass: cancellation of this project is not impossible.


Anonymous said...

uih, mengapakah secara tiba2??
awat diorang wat cenggitu..


chumut said...

unibesiti kite bayar balance fees lambat. we suppose to do everything on9, kalau hntar bank draft, courier, it takes 3 weeks to reach Harvard. so, they kensel lah...lalalalala T^T memang kiteorg buat camping site la kat padang harvard tuh.